A new exploration. by J Andronyk

I’ve been making jewelry for years, and have been creative for far longer than that.

There has been so much focus on my creative process with creating wedding and engagement rings over at Andronyk.com, that I’ve ignored the many different parts of myself that are desperate to come forward. The last few years I’ve felt that yearning to branch upward and outward, but have been too stuck in my own head to really grasp what that means.

Tiny things have been incubating, and many have been created and then tucked behind boxes and put on shelves in my workshop, and I haven’t shown them. It’s time now.

I’m so excited to move and plan and create in a different way, and feel the freedom of being not just on my jewelry bench, but take all of the bits and pieces of inspiration over the years and make something else from it.

This space will be my continually updated exhibition, where I create and show and evolve.